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Installation overview


A movie with the first particles in LHC seen in M2-M5 (25 August 2008)

(click on the image)

Art Director Giacomo Graziani

First cosmics in M2-M5 (April 2008)

Courtesy Thomas Ruf


  • Panels on A and C-sides installed (Sept. '07)
  • Panel drilling to start on the week of 29.10.07
  • Pre-installation test of MWPC and GEM in progress

An inside view of M2-M5. Click on the image for larger picture.

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Installation Schedules

 M1 status and plan (12.07.07, .ppt) 

 Commissioning milestones document 

 Lab space at IP8

Geometry and alignment

Contactperson: Burkhard Schmidt

  Alignment Procedure

  Data on Alignment, Spacers, Deviations - M4 M5

  M2A-Installation_ALL.xls     M2C-Installation-150507.xls
  M3A-Installation_ALL.xls     M3C-Installation-150507.xls
  M4A-Installation_ALL.xls     M4C-Installation-020307.xls
  M5A-Installation_ALL.xls     M5C-Installation-020307.xls


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